About Us


Suns Hyness are a team of workers who have all had positive experiences travelling the world. Travelling is our passion, and we want to transcend that passion on to all our customers. We write honest information, that gives travellers (or future-travellers) the ‘bug’ to want to see the world for themselves. In our opinion, there is no better way to open one’s mind, than to explore new cultures.


Suns Hyness have been incorporated for over 5 years and have met some fantastic travellers (are there any other type?) along the way. We love uniting people on their journeys and one of the ‘services’ that we offer, is to match clients together so that they can share their experience with someone else, or another group. This option is, naturally, up to the traveller; if you want to see the world on your own, or take responsibility for meeting others, that is entirely up to you.


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