How much money does it cost to go travelling?


Have you always had a lifetime dream to go travelling? Is ‘seeing the world,’ that itch that needs scratching? Have you caught the ‘travel bug’ off a friend that won’t stop talking about it? Maybe your circumstances have changed, and you now have an opportunity to see the world.

Many people are put off by what they perceive to be the extortionate costs involved. However, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Check our ‘money saving tips for travellers’ page, for further details on how you can make it affordable to you. Travelling is not cheap, and there are numerous expenses that you need to account for when planning to save. Some of the points worth considering are as follows:


Check the price of local food, and what suits your taste prior to going. If you don’t like the local ‘shark soup’ for example, you might need to spend more!




If you are going to numerous locations, is it cheaper to get a 'round the world' ticket than pay for separate flights? Will you fly business class or economy?



Where will you be comfortable staying? Are you the sort that will happily reside in a beach shack in Thailand for weeks on end? Or can you only cope with a posh hotel?



How big are the countries you are going to? How easy it is to get from A to B? You might be able to walk or you might need to travel on a train. Plan ahead to check how much transport will cost.

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